‘Saviour’ He is who the Sanctuary is named after. He was found walking the streets in Newcastle by the police and came to live here. Although he hated people and animals that he did not know, He would protect all those he lived with. I always think of him as the Heart and Soul of the sanctuary and even though he sadly passed away 20th may 2016, we can still sense him here all the time. ‘Love ya lots big boy xx’

Teeny Tiny This gentle giant was rescued with her brother Izzy Wizzy, Although very territorial, She loves cuddles and kisses from us and enjoys our company, Like her brother, She needed operations at 5 weeks old but is now perfectly healthy and is loved like mad 

‘Izzy-Wizzy’ The Brother of ‘Teeny-Tiny’ Like his sister he had a very bad start in life, And although he is slightly shy, he is now perfectly healthy 

‘Roly’ was unwanted by a shop because of a lump on his nose so the driver brought him to us. He was 4-5 years old at the time and lived until he was 14. His ashes are here in the office (next to Saviours) and he has a star named after him.. Missed so very much.

‘Roly’ playing in the garden. 

Saviour, Roly, Harpo and Steve

‘Freddie’ This gorgeous Chocolate striped Skunk, was given to me by some lovely people in Nottingham. They loved him like mad and he had everything he needed but unfortunately their job changed and it meant that they had to work away from home. Sadly Freddie was born with a calcium deficiency and one of his back legs had no feeling, so had to be amputated. luckily it is illegal to De-scent skunks in this country now ,so he can still spray but he never has done as he is always kept happy and content, Totally loved.

Freddie’ trying to grab the dogs dinner. 



Antwan, A Collared Dove which Jem rescued a few years ago, She reared him back to good health and he managed to fly back into the wild, Was last seen with 2 female doves 

‘Guss’ the Prairie Dog, He was brought to me with ‘Freddie’ the Sunk and 2 other Prairie Dogs, ‘Maggie’ and ‘Jeff’. Lovely little characters, ‘Maggie is a little shy though 

Jeff’ He is the brother of ‘Guss’ and spends most of his time cuddled up to ‘Maggie’ 

Saphire’ the barn owl, Captive born and found in a garage as a chick and now lives here with us 

Saphire’ and ‘Diamond’

‘Beautiful Zante’ 

‘Zante’ and myself sharing a joke 

Zante’ has such an amazing bond with Jemma and myself, its hard to understand how anyone can want to hurt these beautiful creatures 

3 little kittens ‘Leo’ with ‘Yin and Yang’  


‘Pops, Alfie and Leo’


Captain Beaky, Found in the street and brought to me in 2017, He was a gorgeous little fella that we raised, He got on great with the other ducks and ‘Eek’ the Seagull, He eventually flew off (Migrated) when the weather changed. They have been known to come back, hopefully i will see him again one day


‘Beaky’ enjoying a drink of water

‘Eek’ The Gull Brought to me in the Summer 2017. He had to be taught to walk and fly as he was only a few days old. He is now fully feathered and although he can fly off if he wanted to, He chooses to stay with us. He calls to us to come in at night and his best friend is a duck. It is important to say that these birds are highly protected. if you harm one it is a £5000 fine or up to 6months in prison. we work very closely with animal licensing to make sure that all ‘Eek’s needs are met.

Eek, The day he came to us. 


A special harness to support his weight to strengthen his legs until he could walk properly 

Relaxing in the garden  

‘Eeks’ pamper time complete with dinner


Zoltar – The first fox i ever rescued, He was about 7 months old when he came to me and instantly became best friends with Saviour the German Shepherd. He was a Silver Fox who later became best friends with Zeus and Zante, He was always the Alpha but had the most beautiful soul. He totally broke our hearts when he sadly passed away due to old age in September 2017 

Zoltar’ Enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon 


Zeus, A beautiful Platinum fox, Sadly passed away in our our arms in 2017 at the vets, He had a brain tumor that could not be treated – miss him like mad 


Zeus’ relaxing in his bed

‘Zeus’ the platinum fox, getting cuddles during the filming of ’41 dogs’

Zante and Steve taking in the fresh air in between shows at Berwick 



Two gorgeous girls rescued from a fire, ‘Carnelia’ sadly passed away at the end of 2017 but ‘Crystal’ is still here and lives with the other girl rabbits and joins in with various interactive shows                  

Caeser the Bearded Dragon Chilling with Steve, He arrived at the same time as ‘Gina’ and is still going strong.. he often gets grumpy but it all adds to his amazing character

Jet was old when we got him, Yet another unwanted pet, Very nervous at first but with time he calmed down and enjoyed the rest of his days playing with the other rabbits

Little MO (Morrigan after the huntress of the forest) This little baby is gorgeous, but please never buy one unless you really know what you are doing as they are not a pet to be taken lightly, Mo is very independent and will not allow us to go near her most of the time, She can be very vicious even though she spent the first 6 months in my arms and living in my house, playing with the other animals. Despite spending hours in her play pen with her, she still sees it has ‘Her’ space and will attack if we try to pick her up. During various times of the year she will come up to me for a cuddle and those times are so Magical

Solitaire, was left in a box by himself on my doorstep 7 years ago and lived in the house for the first few months. After chewing up the furniture, He now lives outside with the others. He is always a favourite at our educational shows and is a massive part of our family

Charlie and Alex were rescued with the rabbits that survived a fire. Despite all the help possible they sadly both passed away a few weeks later.


Ruby, Such an amazing girl who like many of the other rabbits i rescued – survived the smoke fumes. She was old when rescued lived with me for 7 years before passing away

Lola’, This Flemish Giant came to me with ‘Millie’ and they lived together throughout their lives, They were both more like dogs, they had a massive pen outside which was always open throughout the day and they would freely wonder in and out of the house, They could quite often be found cuddled up the Saviour the German Shepherd, She sadly passed away in my arms.

Sheldon and Shelly, Again two gorgeous little angels that were unwanted pets, They now live in a large tank in our office.

Twilight. Was a baby from a pregnant rescued rabbit. She was such a beautiful soul who sadly passed away of old age at the end of 2017

‘Thumper’ was literally left in a cardboard box for me to find, He was very nervous and thin when he arrived but soon found comfort with the other animals and myself, He will come up to be fussed still and plays with the other rabbits but hates being picked up

Found running around the streets of Wallsend, obviously her age is unknown. She can still be nervous at times but enjoys the company of the other rabbits



Another rabbit saved from Smoke fumes when his owner tried to kill him. He was old when rescued and soon recovered from his ordeal. He lived with me for many years before sadly passing away

Little Alfie is now nearly 10 years old, I had rescued too cats that turned out to be pregnant, He was the smallest of the litter and was Saviours (the German Shepherd) shadow, The two of them were never apart

Popcorn was rescued with his brother Pipkin when he got too old for a shop to sell, Such a gorgeous boy

Girl Bunnies Playing

Jasper was rescued with many other rabbits from Killingworth when his owner lit a fire to try and kill them all with smoke, He was old when i rescued him and lived on for another 4 years before he sadly passed away

Diamond the Barn Owl as a baby

Minstrel was a Jacobean pigeon found in Northshields, he had been bred as a show bird but then dumped in the street as he did not come up to ‘Show’ standard, He lived with us for 9 years before passing away

Flourite Rescued from Killingworth – was one of the rabbits suffering from Smoke after the owner lit a fire outside his hutch

Harpo the Green Winged Macaw

Dumbo – was literally left in a cardboard box on my doorstep, Always slightly nervous about being picked up but always runs over for strokes.


Was one of the babies that was born here after I rescued a rabbit that turned out to be pregnant, he lived out his entire life with me

Roly Poly, This lovable boy was rescued when he was 4 years old and sadly passed away when he was 14. His ashes are now in our office next to his photo and he has a star named after him

Lola came to live with us with Millie, They were both giant Flemish rabbits, They lived with us for 7 years

Chief the Harris Hawk Given to me when the owner realised he could not fly very well and was not suitable for hunting purposes, He spent the rest of his days following me around the garden and became great friends with my dog ‘Saviour’

Blizzard the Snowy Owl getting cuddles

Zante and Steve playing in the hay

Diamond the Barn Owl

Zoltar, Zante and Zeus with Steve

‘Flower’ the Meerkat (as a baby) watching TV

Crispie and Pancake

Floyd the African Grey parrot with steve

‘Saviour’ watching over ‘Zante Fox’ when he was a cub

Saviour Kisses

Mo the Raccoon 

‘Flower’ the Meercat as a baby as a baby  

Hope’ was one of Mischief’s babies. (Mischief was pregnant when i rescued her) 

Saviour’ watching over ‘Mo’

Mo’ in her play pen   

‘Zeus’ having a lazy afternoon 

‘Chief’ In the Garden 

’99’ and ‘Tuppence’ were two ‘Little Owl’ we received from a house in Killingworth. The owner could no longer keep them so they spent the rest of their days with us.

‘Angelica’ was found suffering in a pet shop and spent the first 4 days at the vets with her sister ‘Misty’. They lived a full life, but passed away a few years ago. 

Mr Jingles’, I have had a lot of hamsters given to me in the past, Parents buy them for young children and then want to get rid of them when the child gets nipped, Mr Jingles was a lovely little character that never showed me any sign of aggression.  

‘Charlotte’ was given to us in January 2017 as the owners no longer wanted to keep her. She is in her vivarium next to my desk as I type. She often goes into hunting mode after eating and cant be handled during this time, But the rest of the time she is gorgeous. 

‘Celo’ and ‘Valentine’ Celo named after ‘Celo Green’ came to us in the summer of 2017 when her owner could no longer look after her. She has a large cage in our bedroom which she only uses at night, her days are spent sat on top of ‘Valentines’ cage, chatting away. She does not like physical contact with us but always comes over when we have breakfast in bed for her share of our food, Quite often she will fly to the doves cage to pass her food through the bars.


‘Valentine’ the Java Dove. Her parents were rescued from a magician who did not want them as they got old, They moved in with myself and laid an egg shortly before they died. ‘Valentine’ is their baby. She lives in a large cage in my bedroom but flies out every morning.

‘Hermese’ This beautiful little girl had gone without food, water, UVB lighting, heat lamps and the proper flooring for nearly two months before we took her. Due to calcium deficiency she has lumps all over her. Her health is now ok and she now has all of her needs. Such a gorgeous soul

Flower’ waiting on the bed for me to play with her 

Flower’ ready for a fun fight with me  

‘Flower’ and ‘Timone’ 

Zeus’ and ‘Zante’ looking at the stars

Zante’ Tummy Tickle 

Relaxing with ‘Zante’ 



Television producer having a cuddle and a quiet moment with ‘Zante’ 

Bath time for ‘Zeus’


Pink’ and ‘Floyd’ were given to us in April 2015 aged 9yrs and 10yrs old. they were owned by a couple who loved them dearly but were going to be working out of the house more and did not want to leave them alone. They are such lovely characters and they have totally taken to us and copy everything we say. Their conversations have us laughing all of the time

High Five ‘Harpo’ 

‘Saviour’ and ‘Zante’ 

Saviour’ and ‘Zante’ the fox as a cub 

Zante’ keeping watch at the top of the stairs as ‘Saviour’ sleeps 

‘Zoltar’ the Silver Fox

Yellow Bellied Side Sliders. These two turtles were given to me in 2014 when their owner worked away and could not take them with him. Like all turtles of this kind, they grew too large for their tank, so with the help of the vets we climatised them and for the last 2 years,they have lived in an ornamental pond on a private park with fountains and grass banks to sun bathe on.

Trident’ This little Axolotl, was rescued as an old girl and is sadly no longer with us  


‘Diamond’ as a baby 

Damond’ flying 


‘Saviour’ with his best friend ‘Alfie’

Saviour’ and a few of the cats 

Over the years we have taken in many cats, Some in need of medical attention and others who were pregnant. Here are a few 

‘Lovely Jubbly’ 








Mr Twinkle’ 



‘Mr Pips’ This big boy was the boss over all the cats, He was rescued with his brother ‘Popcorn’ and although he never hurt another cat, his appearance automatically demanded respect. If the cats where hissing at each other, he only had to stand up and they would stop. Each night he would walk into the living room and sit on the rug, He would rub heads with ‘Saviour’ and then jump on my lap for 10 minutes. Then he would disappear back up the stairs. It was the same every night until he sadly past away in 2011- He will always hold a special place in my heart 

‘Saviour ‘nursing ‘Misty’ and ‘Angelica’ back to good health  

Chi Chi

‘Destiny’ was pregnant when she was left on my doorstep, Sadly she is no longer with us but a few of her babies are.  

Destiny’ and her babies 

Chocolate’ came from a house in ‘Stakeford’ she was bought as a pet for the children and was then unwanted. She spent the rest of her days with us. 

Ice – This Burmese Python was given to me as a baby. Someone had bought her not realising how big she could grow. by the time she got to 8ft long she was so powerful that i could not control her and it would of been stupid to keep her in the house with so many other animals, She was big enough to eat me never mind the animal family. She was given to a snake expert who has now passed her on to a special sanctuary in the south that specialise in reptiles  

‘Chilli’ the Corn Snake

Mida’s the Royal Python Given to me by some people that did not want her anymore, Sadly she was suffering from Anorexia when she arrived and despite the best medical care she did not survive  

‘Kelloggs’ was given to me after doing a holiday park in Mablethorpe 

Sienna’ The Rough Sided Garter Snake, Came to live here in 2014 and is still with us to day, She does not like being handled much but has never shown any kind of aggression 

Tega’ The Rainbow Boa, A gorgeous little girl. That was dumped on me when the owner got scared of her biting. 

Noddy’ This little Bearded Dragon was given to me many years ago, Sadly he suffered many flesh wounds caused by the food they were feeding him, biting him in the night. He sadly had to be put to sleep at the vets after he refused to eat due to stress

Alvin’ the Long haired Hamster 

Eenie’ and ‘Meenie’ The Gerbils 

Gos’ the Pigeon, Found in Gosforth , Hence the name. He could not fly strong enough to survive in the wild and so spent his days in my garden with the ducks

Tequilla’ The Cockatoo Suffered from birth with a disease that a lot of Australian birds can have. Basically the feathers fail to open properly causing major discomfort. Breeders and Shops should by right be testing for this when they are a chick but so many fail to do so. She sadly passed away when 4 years of age. 

Sky’ The budgie, Yet another unwanted pet that came here when the persons kids got board of her 



‘Fluffy’ the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, Was given to me after I did a birthday party, The child had lost interest in her so her parents asked if i would take her, She passed away about 4 years ago.


‘Dougal’ He was such an amazing little character, Sadly Missed 

‘Peanut’ lived with me for about 6 years after his previous owners could not look after him anymore, He often used to do shows with me, Such a gorgeous soul  

‘Eclipse’ This little girl lived with her sister ‘Ebony’ and had 8 wonderful years here with me until they sadly passed away.  

Ebony’ was a cheeky little girl that did exactly as she wanted and nothing could ever stop her. She lived with her sister ‘Eclipse’  

‘Cotton was the daughter of ‘Stitch’ you will also find ‘Patch’, ‘Bobbin’ ‘Thimble’ and a few others with similar names as their mother was pregnant when i rescued her. 

‘Bobbin’ A fantastic little character – always star of the show, Broke our heart when he passed away in 2017 


‘Pepsi’ Broke my heart when this little fella died, He was more like a dog, Miss him so much  



‘Thumper’ A few rabbits have been named after the cartoon character in Bambi, but this little fella was the first one 

‘Fortune’ was a nervous little character at first but soon came to trust me, So sad when she passed away 




‘He-She’ Was given to me by a lady in ‘Stakeford’, Originally she was bought as a girl and turned out to be a boy, Such an affectionate little guy who passed away a few years ago  

Ermentrude’ She was a lovely little girl whose fur changed colour during the different seasons 

Dylon’ Always appeared half dopey. This is why he was named after the rabbit in ‘The Magic Roundabout’ 

‘Flash and Thumper’ These two girls were so beautiful with fur like velvet 

Loxy’ This rescued ‘Fox’ Rabbit was a huge hit on all the shows, his personality shone bright, loved him like mad 

‘Lightening’ was a beautiful blue eyed bunny  

Mandy, Milly, Patch and Polly 





‘Rex’ The Hare What an amazing soul, He came to me with a bad leg but with the help of ‘Saviours’ nursing he lasted for many years. 




Pebbles and Marble’  











‘Max’ The Brother of ‘Pepsi’ Sadly missed 


Mischief’ Everyone’s favourite, She left a massive space in our lives when she died. Miss her so much   







‘Rusty the 1st’ 

Rusty the 2nd’








Jeremy 2nd’ 

‘Guss’ and ‘Houdini’ These two Rats became the ‘stars’ of the stage with their comedy antics. At one time i had over 70 rescued fancy rats, sadly there are not photos of all of them. 

Sugar’ and ‘Treacle’ 


‘Little Jezza’

Meenie’ the Gerbil 

Eenie’ and ‘Meenie’ the rescued Gerbils 

‘Moe’ very camera shy 

Salt, Pepper and Spice’






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