Zante meets the Celebrities (Gallery)


After we i during a show, Chico asked us if his dog ‘Gismo’ could meet ‘Zante’ the following day, Obviously we said yes and Chico video’d it

Everyone’s favourite, ‘Sooty’ . Zante and the animals appeared with him at Sandy bay Holiday Park in 2015


With Richard Cadell and the lovely Sooty in the dressing room at Sandy bay

Massive Fox lovers. Keep the Ban

The Legendary ‘Charlie Cairoli’ and his lovely wife ‘Claudi’. Been great friends with them since the Cabaret days at Haven Holidays. This was taken when supporting them in 2015

Kids favorites ‘Sam and Mark’ showing how gorgeous foxes are

With Sam and Mark in 2015



Supporting Britain’s Got Talents favourite impressionist ‘Paul Burling’ We have worked with him many times on the cabaret circuit but this photo was taken in 2015 at Whitley Bay¬†

Zante Meeting Stavros Flatley at Cresswell Towers

Michalakis ‘Lagi’ Demetriou from Stavros Flatley enjoying a quiet moment with Zante

Lagi’ and ‘Demetri’ with Zante and myself. Fantastic guys who not only expressed their love for animals, but once I had left, they went around the audience for donations to help feed the animals I have rescued – Such lovely people



‘Paul’ from the ‘Chuckle Brothers’ coming to terms with holding a snake for the first time (‘Sunny’ the Corn Snake)

‘Barry’ asking about ‘Zante Fox’ before the show began.

To You – To Me – To Zante Fox






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