Saviours Haven Sanctuary is run by Steve Lucock of Animalgique. Animalgique has an animal performing license with Northumberland Council. Animal License Number NAP/4

Hi, this is Steve,

Thank you for visiting this site.

A few people often ask how it all began so I will do my best to explain.

Saviours Haven is named after ‘Saviour‘ a rescued German Shepherd

He had been found wondering the streets of Newcastle Upon Tyne by the police and moved in with myself a week later.

The RSPCA watched how he befriended and interacted  with all the other animals and commented on how it was like Saviours haven…     Hence the name.

It all began when I decided to break into cabaret. On my first summer season I had a few pets in my caravan and was told that I had to get rid of them, I lied and said the animals were part of my act and sought the advice of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals) inspectors.

Together we devised some animal friendly illusions and the act took off in an educational direction.

For over 20 years I toured the country as ‘Steve Lucock and Snotty the Rabbit’  (a comedy green rabbit puppet) and my animal magic show.

As an illusion show ‘Animalgique’ I worked and supported some of the biggest names in show business as well as doing many TV appearances.

Most of the programmes mentioned  that the animals were rescued  and people started to leave their unwanted pets on my doorstep.

At one time I had over 160 animals, No one could take any off me without them being ‘put to sleep’ so I kept them all.

With so many animals to look after, I had to stop touring the country and with the help of the RSPCA I put together an Animal Interactive Show to teach people how to care and look after animals and to point out why certain animals should not be pets

This year I hope to get enough funds via the many books I’ve written ‘Zante Fox And Friends’ bedtime story collection and Christmas books to open a larger sanctuary, which will enable me to rescue more creatures and give them a loving forever home which they truly all deserve.
Please take a look and subscribe to our YouTube channel @zantefox where you will be able to listen to the bedtime stories and watch the comedy films coming out later this year 

I also have a website at

Also i would like to add that all the various animals in my care are seen and thought of as family, I do my very best to give them everything that they need, As well as all the love they could wish for.

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