Fun in the Sun

We mentioned some time ago that on Good Friday we had 2 more parrots come to live with us.. ‘Che’ the Blue and Gold Macaw and his friend ‘Chichina’ the African Grey.

They live in our living room and although they have no contact with our other  parrot –  ‘Harpo’ our Green Winged Macaw, They can see him and talk to him all the time.

Today the weather was warm so we took ‘Harpo’ and ‘Che’ outside to play in the sun. This is the closest they have ever been to each other and we are so pleased with their progress.

Sadly ‘Chichina’ is far to flighty to take outside.

Hope you like the photographs

‘Harpo’ looking settled and relaxed whist ‘Che’ does his acrobatics in the tree. ‘Scrappy’ the Dog, ‘Eek’ the Gull and ‘Crispie’ the Duck watch from the ground below

‘Che’ the ‘Blue and Gold Macaw’ swinging upside down

Relaxing in the trees

‘Harpo’ exploring the greenery

‘Harpo’ enjoying the sun rays catching his back

‘Che’ being the ‘King Of the Castle’

‘Harpo’ and ‘Che’ totally relaxed with each other at this distance

‘Harpo’ giving the camera one of his over the shoulder looks

Such beautiful boys


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