‘Teeny Tiny’ and ‘Izzy Wizzy’

About 11 years i had a call from someone who had viewed two ‘European Eagle Owl’ Chicks.

Their identification rings had been placed above the knee joint instead of their ankles when they first hatched.

Sadly as they grew, the rings cut into their flesh and were not visible when i went around to see them.

Both Owl chicks were in a bad way as infection had set in.

They were not eating and could not stand, Both were very weak and the future did not look good for them.

I rushed them to the vets who had to operate on them straight away and then kept them over night.

The following day i brought them home, They were both kept in a large crate cage at first in my house as they needed constant attention,

Each day they had their bandages changed and together with medication and hand feeding they soon grew strong,

Before long they were running around the house chasing rolled up socks and cat toys.

Izzy Wizzy (the male) was always the shyest but ‘Teeny Tiny’ (the female) followed me everywhere and soon started coming to shows and loved the kids cuddling her.

They now live in a large aviary and each year for the past 3 years she has laid eggs which i removed straight away. This year however for some reason, the male, ‘Izzy Wizzy’ has become very protective of her.

When ‘Teeny Tiny’ laid her first two eggs this year i was advised to leave them in with her, I was told that if i removed them she would keep laying and the male would keep protecting her.

She now has 5 eggs which she sits on constantly and the male is always on guard.

We are hoping that the eggs are not fertile and after time she will leave them and the male will return to his normal self,

‘Teeny Tiny’ is still as friendly as ever with me but ‘Izzy Wizzy’ who is constantly on guard duty will attack  anyone who approaches the aviary.

‘Izzy Wizzy’ on guard duty

‘Izzy Wizzy’ stood infront of ‘Teeny Tiny’ guarding her

‘Teeny Tiny’ sitting on her eggs


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