Animals enjoying the sunshine

With today being the first real warm day that we have had so far, all of the animals have been making the most of it,

Here are a few photos of ‘Mo’ the raccoon relaxing in her enclosure and some of some of our animal family sunning themselves in our garden.

‘Mo’ (named after ‘Morrigan’ the huntress of the forest) having a snack

‘Mo’ sunning herself

‘Mo’ playing with her beads


‘Harpo’ the ‘Green Winged Macaw’ taking in the sun rays

A quiet moment together

‘Harpo’ playing in the trees


‘Harpo’ talking to ‘Eek’ the Gull

‘Eek’ the gull who came to us as a chick in the summer of 2017. He can fly but tends to stay in our garden. He is best friends with ‘Crispie’ our rescued duck. They spend all day outside but call at the back door to come into the house at night.

‘Eek’ in the shade and ‘Crispie’ the duck about to have a bath

‘Crispie’ the 7 year old duck. She can fly but has chosen to stay here with us. Such a beautiful girl.

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