New Windows For Snowy Owl Indoor Enclosure

Over the winter the pvc windows in Blizzards ‘Indoor’ enclosure had become dis-coloured so during the sunny spell we decided to rip them out and re do them with stronger caging and shutters.

Sadly i have no photos of what they were like before i started the work on them

As you can see the indoor part of the enclosure still needs to be cleaned and re painted after the winter

Checking the strength of the new caging

Windows complete with shutters open

With Shutters Closed

An extra large tree trunk next to the window means that Blizzard the snowy owl can see out

Blizzard looking out of the window, you will notice new feather growth on his wing where he has been molting

‘Blizzard’ the Snowy Owl


Obviously the outside of the enclosure has still has to be scrubbed and re painted but at the moment the rain has slightly halted things.





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